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Membership is Good for Your Team & Your Business

Prioritize the care your employees will use — and value — the most

See your doctor the same day or the next day.
Text or call your doctor wherever you are and whenever you need them.
Your doctor will be focused on caring for your employees.
Employee Retention



based on the needs of the employer
Employers understand:
- Healthcare is the biggest employer spend after payroll
- Employee premiums on average increase 4.7% to 5.2% annually
- Utilization of healthcare is what drives premiums for employers.
- On average it cost $12,000 - $13,000 per employee employer cost for traditional health insurance. Employees only usually pick up 22%

DPC Memberships can:
- Save up to 20% Reduction of Healthcare Spend
- Increase Employee Retention
- A great way to attract new talent
- DPC keeps employees more productive by addressing healthcare issues early and before they become chronic.
- Increased preventive care, ongoing management by a physician, and immediate treatment of acute health issues help employees stay focused at work and worry less about their health.
- Increased Job Satisfaction
- Employers who invest in their employees’ health and well-being have higher employee job satisfaction rates.

A Direct Primary Care Employee Benefit
Employers embrace direct primary care because it is a tangible benefit that actually works. Employers are attracted to the idea of an independent physician who is compensated in a way that delivers quality care and lowers costs. Direct primary care physicians are incentivized to keep your team healthy and productive.

When your team is healthy and able to stay productive, it strengthens your workforce. Direct primary care provides an accessible, convenient, and affordable medical experience. This means that a DPC benefit becomes a recruitment and retention tool.

The direct primary care model is also cost-effective. It can complement an existing group health insurance plan or employers can bypass insurance companies to pay for medical care directly.

In addition to cutting down on time spent away from work, DPC physicians keep patients out of emergency rooms, urgent cares, specialist offices, and have lower rates of surgery. This adds up to immediate and future savings for your company. 

- Compatible with PPO and HDHP plans as well as FSAs, HRAs and HSAs
- Can be fully employer funded, or employee funded, or shared cost
- Employee direct pay or payroll deductions if employee funded
- Reduced group rates
- Extensive employee communication support