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The Many Benefits of an In-House Lab

Nov 01, 2023
The Many Benefits of an In-House Lab
Health care is an ever-evolving industry, always looking for innovative ways to enhance patient care and improve outcomes. Our in-house lab fits perfectly with that philosophy and meets another goal we have — convenient, personalized health care.

Our in-house lab benefits our patients and our team in numerous ways, including improving patient care by streamlining the connection between the lab, our doctor, and our patients.

Dr. Gerard Acloque combines the best medical advancements with superior care at Florida Concierge Medicine & Wellness in Hollywood, Florida. With a passion for preventive care, he specializes in primary care and chronic disease management for patients 16 and older.

Here are a few of the patient benefits Dr. Acloque notes regarding the in-house lab at our innovative concierge practice:

1. Convenience

Whether your appointment is for an annual exam or an acute illness like the flu, a lab is often part of the experience. It’s much more convenient to have your testing done before you leave the office.

With an in-house lab, you don’t need to leave our office and travel to a separate location for a blood draw, urinalysis, throat swab, or other common lab test. This reduces the number of appointments, travel time between facilities, traffic hassles, and time in the waiting room, which are often part of health care.

2. Quicker results

Our in-house lab typically leads to much faster results than an outside facility, sometimes on the same day. Quick answers are beneficial when a timely diagnosis and treatment can make a significant difference in how you feel and heal.

3. Improved patient comfort

If you’re nervous about the needles used for blood draws, being in a familiar environment can alleviate anxiety about getting tests done. Additionally, when you are not feeling well, an in-house lab gets you back home faster so you can rest.

4. Improved continuity of care

With our in-house lab, Dr. Acloque and the lab technicians can communicate directly and efficiently. If there are anomalies or uncertainties in the results, discussions occur immediately, leading to more precise interpretations and improved continuity of care.

Additionally, if there's an abnormal result or something unusual in a sample, Dr. Acloque can instantly request a re-test or further analysis.

5. Tailored patient care

Our in-house lab gives Dr. Acloque immediate access to results, allowing him to develop your personalized care plan promptly rather than waiting days for results. This rapid feedback can lead to more effective treatments and greater satisfaction.

6. Cost savings

In some cases, in-house testing may be less costly because it eliminates overhead associated with large external labs or outpatient hospital labs. You also save on the transportation costs of going to and from the outside lab, and you miss less time at work.

7. Greater control over lab procedures

With our in-house lab, Dr. Acloque has greater oversight and control over lab quality and standards.

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